Name: Builders Plus
Price: 29.95 AUD

The Advanced tools in a Builders Arsenal!

Spruce up your Home, Shop and Décor detail with Invisible Trapdoors! This perks allows you to craft invisible item frames using the recipe found HERE

BANNER CREATOR - $9.95 - $7.50
Creating Banners is Complicated and Expensive! /banners makes it easy to do and allows for custom patterns exceeding 7 layers!

OPEN IRON TRAPDOORS - $4.95 - $3.75
Iron Trapdoors can be a pain to build with! This perk allows you to open Iron Trapdoors through a simple right click!

EASY SWITCH LAMPS - $4.95 - $3.75
Easy Switch Lamps is as the name suggests! Toggle Redstone Lamps through a right-click! Allows for advanced flexibility of Redstone Lamps.

AGELESS CORAL - $4.95 - $3.75
Coral can be a huge pain to work with! This perk makes Coral a great building block, preventing it from drying out! View the recipe for Dead Coral HERE

SLAB BREAK - $4.95 - $3.75
Want to break Double Slabs without taking out the other slab? This is the perk for you! Use /bu to turn it on!

$40.00 WORTH OF VALUE FOR ONLY $29.95!